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Many Institutions are currently utlilizing microfilm and or CD-ROM, Web access to store and retrieve these pertinent data. Microfilm or CD-ROM allows easy access and reduced storage space and most importantly reduce costs in storage and retrieval. Whether it's accounting applications such as accounts payable, payroll, human resources, medical records, legal files, mortgage files, health claims or any application that generates lot's of paper. Enclosed for your review, please find information you may find helpful.

  • Better utilization of office space- Microfilm, CD-ROM web access systems occupy up to 98% less space than the files they replace. Each four-drawer filing cabinet takes up 9 sq. ft. of floor space and costs $1,500.00 per year. These substantial savings in dollars of floor space and paper volume are worth considering.
  • Improved file integrity-Documents committed to microfilm, CD-ROM web access cannot be misfiled. They remain in the same location on the film or CD, eleminating lost, which can cost $350.00 - $700.00 per document or misfiled data which can cost $1125.00 per document.
  • Decreased file maintenance-Microfilm, CD-ROM web access systems reduce the number of employees needed to retrieve and file documents. Every 12 filing cabinet require an additional employee to maintain.
  • Ease of retrieval- Whether documetns are filmed or scanned in a predetermined sequence, or filmed randomly and indexed through a computer database, files can be quickly accessed and printed on demand. Increasing productivity and decreasing retrieval time by as much as 50%.
  • Provide for disaster recovery- Perhaps most important of all, micrographic and CD-ROM systems provide a cost-effective means for disater recovery. Working with inexpensive duplicate copies enables users to store the original rolls of film or CD_ROM off site for security. More than 70% of today's business would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.
  • Intangible benefits are realized-in the area of increased productivity. Since documents can no longer be misfiled, lengthy searches for missing information are quickly eliminated. Records are found quickly and company personnel cn go about their business without delay.
  • Paper in teh average buinses grows by 20% each year - maning you paper will double in 3.3 years.

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