Document and Data Management Specialists


Information is Power

Companies that access information more quickly than their competitors stand the best chance of succedding in today's fast-paced business world.

The need to access or retrieve information has existed since the beginning of time. However, now in the twenty-first century, new demands are being placed on businesses to do it better, faster and for less money.

IPT, Inc. specializes in the management of data and image information. With our vast array of services and experience, we ensure that your information is always published, stored and accessible in the medium best suited to your company.

Our services meet today's requirements and will position your organization to meet tomorrow's changing needs. Whether your needs include micrographics, CD-ROM, or electronic, storage, we provide a comprehensive list of services that will ultimately save you time, space and money.

For more than a quarter of a century, we have provided data management solutions for domestic and international clients in public, corporate and commerical companies, as well as for government institutions.

Virtually, every organization can enhance productivity, reduce costs, provide better customer service and improve records management with our on-line services. Your organization can gain control of misson-critical documents and improve its bottom line with on-demand document access.

Total Imaging and Film Solution
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